Raspberry liqueur


Raspberry liqueur for sweet moments with your partner, friends or relatives who want to be enchanted by the softness, juiciness and red deep colour.

Alcohol: 28%

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Raspberry liqueur

Early raspberry flowers delight us already in May and June. These delicious berries are starting to get ready in the middle of July when it is usually the warmest time in Latvia. While some think of romantic sunsets by the sandy Baltic Sea, the winemaker watches the development and maturity of the raspberries to determine the right time for harvest.

In the base of raspberry liqueur is the happy apple Ferryman, to which are added in the National Park of Gauja harvested raspberries. For the sweetness and fullness of the liqueur we add some sugar. In 6 month time berries give all their best to liqueur: sun’s rays, rich red colour, juicy, fresh aroma and sweet taste. Alcohol content in the drink 28%.

We offer multiple products from raspberries: sweet desert wine, dry wine, sparkling wine, distillate and also jam.