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Līgatne winery

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Shop, Tastings: Spriņģu Street 3, Līgatne. Open from 10:00 to 18:00.

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Līgatne winery

Wine tasting

Get to know Līgatne from different perspective...

Romantic wine tasting event in candlelight in a sandstone rock cave

Romantic wine tasting event in candlelight in a sandstone rock cave in Līgatne (cliff “Lustūzis”). During wine tasting you will learn something new about Ligatne historical paper mill village, caves, cliffs, winemaking and achievements of Ligatne winery. But most importantly you will be able to taste different types of drinks together with local cow cheese. The tasting event lasts about 30 minutes with the possibility to stay up to 1 hour, ask questions, get answers and enjoy the atmosphere of the cave. If you want, you can also buy winery products and continue the taste adventure at home or on an anniversary. We offer soft drinks for drivers, non-alcoholic children’s set for children. Price for adults 15 EUR, for child 7 EUR. The minimum fee for wine tasting in English is 60 EUR. Nearest address – Līgatne spriņģu street 3

Wine tastings in cave

Welcome to Ligatne wine cellar to enjoy unique experience in the National Park of Gauja. When Ligatne paper mill village was formed, inhabitants of Ligatne made also caves in sandstone rocks. These caves were used as cellars to preserve potatoes, apples, granny’s jams and also something stronger. In caves of the cliff Lustūzis all year around temperature stays positively warm. Come to see by yourself and taste different berry flavors in our delicious drinks!