Cranberry tincture


Cranberry tincture allows you to taste one of the most valuable berries in Latvia in a strong drink with a distinctly red color, the acidity of cranberries and the aroma from sweet seeds.

Alcohol: 40%

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Cranberry tincture

Cranberry stems wind over mosses between bog llamas. Elsewhere, the berries are hidden in mosses or even in wet places in the water. Their flowers can be seen by cloudberry pickers when they go to the swamp in June and July. However, the last autumn berry – cranberry is just beginning its development cycle. First cranberries ripe in September and can be harvested until frosts.

In the base of cranberry tincture is the happy apple Ferryman, to which are added in the National Park of Gauja in cool morning harvested cranberries. For taste there is added little bit sugar. In 6 month time berries give their power to this drink: rich red colour, sour cranberry taste and nice sweet aroma. Alcohol content in the drink 40%.