Blueberry liqueur


Blueberry liqueur allows you to feel the magic of Latvia’s forests with its unique taste – silky berries, wildlife trails and the sweetness of July’s hot days.

Alcohol: 19%

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Blueberry liqueur

Blueberries, like lingonberries, you will definitely notice in nature, because they keep their stems green all year round. The light blue flowers are visible in May, but the berries ripen in late July and August when the weather outside is usually the hottest.

In the base of blueberry liqueur is the happy apple Ferryman, to which are added in the National Park of Gauja harvested blueberries. For the sweetness and fullness of the liqueur we add some sugar. In 6 month time berries give all their best to liqueur: sun’s rays, their deep, dark colour, forest aroma and sweet, mild taste. Alcohol content in the drink 19%.

From blueberries we also produce semi – sweet wine.