Quince liqueur


Quince liqueur will appeal to almost everyone. This is one of the most popular fruits in Latvia, which is widely used in a variety of drinks. The liqueur has a pleasant sweetness and characteristic quince acidity. If you want to enjoy the classic Latvian flavours you can count on during holidays, this will definitely be the right choice.

Alcohol: 19%

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Quince liqueur

Probably this is the most loved fruit in Latvia.

Quinces are garden fruits that grow in small shrubs. In May and June they delight us with bright, orange blooms, but in September, when the fruits begin to ripen, the whole garden is surrounded by the aroma of quince. When they turn golden yellow, it’s time to pick and process them.

In the base of quince liqueur is the happy apple Ferryman, to which are added in the National Park of Gauja harvested quinces. For the sweetness and fullness of the liqueur we add some sugar. In 6 month time berries give all their best to liqueur: sun’s energy, their bright golden colour, sour aroma and fruity taste.

Alcohol content in the drink 19%. Liqueur is a good addition to desserts.

From quinces we also produce organic cider, semi – sweet wine and sparkling wine.


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