Black currant liqueur


Black currant liqueur is a classic and irreplaceable holiday value, which must be on the table in festive moments to enjoy this popular berry from small glasses.

Alcohol: 19%

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Black currant liqueur

Blackcurrants are one of favourite berries in Latvia that are widely used. They can be found in almost every garden. In blackcurrant bush, the first flowers begin to bloom in May, June and very soon – in July, berries ripen. When the blackcurrants are ripe, their aroma takes over the whole garden on a hot summer day. It’s like smelling freshly cooked jam while standing near the bush. Very suitable berry to make delicious drinks.

In the base of black currant liqueur is the happy apple Ferryman, to which are added in the National Park of Gauja harvested blackcurrants. For the sweetness and fullness of the liqueur we add some sugar. In 6 month time berries give all their best to liqueur: sun’s rays, their dark red colour, juicy, fresh aroma and sweet taste. Alcohol content in the drink 19%.

From blackcurrants we offer multiple products: Semi – dry wine, sparkling wine, mulled winedry wine and also jam.