Black currant semi – sweet mulled wine (female cat label)


Blackcurrant semi-sweet mulled wine is the right drink on cool evenings to get warmer around the heart. At home by the fireplace in warm grandmother’s knitted socks, fluffy, soft plaid and lovely cat brings the aroma of blackcurrants and cloves into the room. Mmm…

Wine category: semi - sweetAlcohol: 13%Recommended with: meat, gingerbread

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Black currant semi – sweet mulled wine (female cat label)

What could be better than mulled wine from blackcurrants? This wine has a strong, deep red color, full body, rich, slightly spicy aroma and juicy blackcurrant taste.
Berries are harvested in the Gauja National Park. Wine fermented and naturally settled for about 12 months. Blackcurrant semi – sweet mulled wine fits very well at your festive dinner table with meat dishes, as well as with gingerbreads, oranges and rich winter desserts. The wine contains a variety of spices: cloves, orange peel and ginger. It is recommended to warm up to + 70˚C before use. Contains sulphites.

Also available with male cat label.