Semi sweet blueberry wine


semi-sweet blueberry wine brings you into a rich forest realm with a gentle touch of silk, revealing a small character of unaccustomed nature with acidity, wrapped in a dark red colour. The wine goes well with cheesecakes and other desserts as well as cheese.

Wine category: semi - sweetAlcohol: 13%Recommended with: cheese, desserts, fruits

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Semi sweet blueberry wine

Blueberries, like lingonberries, you will definitely notice in nature, because they keep their stems green all year round. The light blue flowers are visible in May, but the berries ripen in late July and August when the weather outside is usually the hottest.

Berries are harvested in the Gauja National Park. Wine fermented and naturally settled for about 12 months. It is excellent with cheesecakes and other desserts as well as cheese. Recommend to use chilled +14˚C. Contains sulphites.

From blueberries we also produce blueberry liqueur.