Grape dry wine Alfa


Grape dry wine Alfa allows you to feel the character of grapes grown in the northern climate. Experience pleasant taste of sour winters of Latvia and juicy notes of plums. White wine is good with fish dishes, fruits and cheese.

Wine category: dryAlcohol: 13%Recommended with: cheese, meat, fruits


Grape dry wine Alfa

Growing grapes in Latvia is nothing new, but every year breeders work on the development of new grape varieties that would be more suitable for our climate. The grapes need to withstand the harsh winters of Latvia, start to bloom rapidly in the spring, survive frosts and grow large, delicious berries in summer with moderate heat and a little sun rays before the autumn frosts.

Berries are harvested in the Gauja National Park. Wine fermented and naturally settled for about 12 months. Grape “Alfa” wine goes well with fish dishes, fruits and cheese. Recommend to use chilled +14˚C. Contains sulphites.

We also produce other grape wines: sēle, supaga, zilga.