Semi sweet rhubarb wine


Semi-sweet rhubarb wine is the right choice if you want a light, refreshing and mildly sweet white wine. It goes very well with fish dishes, fruits, desserts or soft cheeses.

Wine category: semi - sweetAlcohol: 13%Recommended with: fish, cheese, fruits

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Semi sweet rhubarb wine

Rhubarb wakes up very early in the end of February, start of March, while there is still frost outside. As the sun melts the snow, red tubers begin to come out of the ground, which gradually open leaf after leaf towards the sky. In May and June, rhubarb stems have grown large and thick. Stems more than a meter long and leaves about half a meter long. The crop is harvested before Midsummer before the rhubarb begins to bloom.

Rhubarbs are harvested in the Gauja National Park. Wine fermented and naturally settled for about 12 months. It is excellent together with desserts, fruits and soft cheeses. Recommend to use chilled +14˚C. Contains sulphites.

We also produce rhubarb sparkling wine and rhubarb dry wine.