Dry strawberry wine


Dry strawberry wine is like a calm lake without waves, where you can feel sweet touch of the sun with a rich, delicate aroma of strawberry marshmallows.

Wine category: dryAlcohol: 13%Recommended with: cheese, fruits


Dry strawberry wine

Strawberries surprise with their variety of sizes and flavours. Very popular summer berries. They begin to sprout young leaves soon after snow has melted and ground has warmed up. Strawberries usually bloom at the end of April, in May but in June around Midsummer you can eat fresh, ready berries. If most of the harvest is ripe, you can make wine around the solstice.

From strawberries we offer also semi – sweet wine.

Berries are harvested in the Gauja National Park. Wine fermented and naturally settled for about 12 months. Strawberry wine is good addition to fish dishes, fruits and cheese. Recommend to use chilled +14˚C. Contains sulphites.

We offer also other dry wines: rhubarb, red currant, dry ice wine.