Dry apple ice wine


Dry apple ice wine is a unique drink that allows you to enjoy the power of Latvia’s four seasons with the sweet notes of ripe apples in dry wine. When apples are allowed to freeze thoroughly in winter, they change their taste. Frost helps apples to become sweeter and create a very special wine that would not be possible to make and taste under other conditions.

Wine category: dryAlcohol: 13%Recommended with: fish, cheese, fruits

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Dry apple ice wine

Latvia is an apple land, where almost every house has several apple trees. In May and June, the aroma of apple blossoms takes over the gardens and entices bees to pollinate the flowers in order to first fruits could form. The diversity of varieties allows us to enjoy these delicious fruits in the garden from August to December. If fruits are harvested from the tree in fall and stored in a cool cellar, they can be eaten until spring.

Apples are harvested in the National Park of Gauja in late autumn. During winter apples are held outside in frost in order to increase natural sugar level in fruits. When frost has gone, the juice is squeezed from the apples and the wine is fermented and aged for about 12 months. In wine making process is not added any sugar. We use only natural sugar from apples. There is also not added any water. Wine is made from 100% apple juice. In one bottle of apple ice wine is about one bag of apples. Enjoy dry apple ice wine with fish dishes or fruits. Recommend to use chilled +14˚C. Contains sulphites.

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