Apple distillate Ferryman 70%


Apple distillate Ferryman with extra speed. More powerful and even stronger while maintaining the delicate nature and clean taste of the apple.

Alcohol: 70%

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Apple distillate Ferryman 70%

Latvia is an apple land, where almost every house has several apple trees. In May and June, the aroma of apple blossoms takes over the gardens and entices bees to pollinate the flowers in order to first fruits could form. The diversity of varieties allows us to enjoy these delicious fruits in the garden from August to December. If fruits are harvested from the tree in fall and stored in a cool cellar, they can be eaten until spring. But if fruits are processed into delicious drinks, then they can be enjoyed all year round and even longer.

Apples are harvested in the Gauja National Park. 70% apple distillate is made of apple wine. This is stronger version of Ferryman (Pārcēlājs), that will not only take you to the happy side of the river but also make your journey clean and safe. You can use it in nutrition, as well as disinfect your hands and surfaces with it.

Ferryman story
Life is like a river flowing fast, sometimes slower. Along the way, we meet lively rapids and bubbling deep whirlpools. No one can resist this mighty power of life – only the Ferryman, that works day by day, year by year and it is strong enough to take you to the happy shore of river.

Name of the drink is created inspired by the Līgatne ferry over the river Gauja.
There are available also other distillates from Ferryman (Pārcēlājs) series: carrot, raspberry, beet and also in oak barrel aged apple brandy.