Beet distillate Ferryman 40%


Beet distillate will not leave you indifferent. Aroma that surrounds the entire room around you in purple silk and expressive, gentle taste like a beet just pulled from the ground. A good choice for beet lovers or as a surprise for a friend.

Alcohol: 40%

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Beet distillate Ferryman 40%

Beets are sown in garden from late March to early June. Ripe vegetables are harvested in September before the first frosts. They are usually up to 8cm in diameter. Due to their intense color, these vegetables are often used as a dye. In cooking, beets are used fresh, boiled or fried, while others squeeze juice or marinate them. Beet distillate is an unusual way to enjoy this vegetable.

Beets are harvested in the Gauja National Park. At first is made beetroot wine, then it is distilled in order to gain the happy Ferryman’s name. Distillate will appeal to lovers of mild flavors and beets, as well as those who like to try new tastes.

This is the only product we offer from beets.

Ferryman story
Life is like a river flowing fast, sometimes slower. Along the way, we meet lively rapids and bubbling deep whirlpools. No one can resist this mighty power of life – only the Ferryman, that works day by day, year by year and it is strong enough to take you to the happy shore of river.

Name of the drink is created inspired by the Līgatne ferry over the river Gauja.
There are available also other distillates from Ferryman (Pārcēlājs) series: apple, raspberry, carrot and also in oak barrel aged apple brandy.