Cloudberry jam 310g


Cloudberry jam is made from berries harvested in the surrounding swamps. Recommended with cheese, pancakes, yogurt, ice cream. Net weight 310g

Berries are harvested in the Gauja National Park.


Cloudberry jam

Early, cool morning, when the sky begins to color like the delicious berries we are looking for. The first rays of the sun warm your shoulders, and the first songs of birds accompany the berry pickers on their way to the swamp in the Gauja National Park. Every berry grower already knows their berry places and goes to see them every summer after Midsummer, because very soon the cloudberries must be ready. This is a short time – about 2 weeks. At the beginning of July, the berries are usually ripe, others just bloom next to each other. Every year, diligent readers manage to find this special Latvian golden berry among the mosses and llamas of the bog and deliver it to the hands of skilled craftsmen to make a delicious cloudberry jam.

We also make liqueurs, semi-sweet wine and tea from cloudberries.