Honey of different flowers 310g


Honey of different flowers and a rich bouquet of flavors from spring to autumn are collected in the gardens of Līgatne winery. Packed in glass jars, net weight 310g.

Honey is harvested in the territory of the Gauja National Park.

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Honey of different flowers

The gardens of Līgatne winery are located in the territory of the Gauja National Park, where apple trees, cherries, plums, blackcurrants, currants, raspberries, grapes, etc. grow. In the spring bloom, the garden is especially gorgeous and then the bees have their hands full. They need to take care of pollinating the flowers to have a richer harvest. The bees are especially active in the middle of summer, when the lindens in the area bloom. As we work with environmentally friendly methods, the flowers of natural meadows bloom along the edges of the field, where our bees really like to visit. Due to the great diversity of our garden, honey from different flowers is stored in the hive.

We also make honey wine from our collected honey.